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It is fair to say, and I am certain that my Dad would agree, that it is my Mom to whom I owe my musical abilities and indeed, my interest in music. Mom sang in the church choir, ferried me to and from piano lessons, made sure I practised (usually setting the oven timer to ensure minimum practise times) but most importantly showed me the joy that music provides.  Harry Belafonte was her Keith Richards, and he belted out of the console stereo at volume and with frequency.  A Belafonte concert at the Queen Elizabeth theatre was an event that was talked about for weeks, both before and after.

Along the way Mom tolerated “my” music, sometimes even enjoying the likes of early Elton John and Melanie.  Regardless of her own tastes she took me to a number of concerts when I was too young to go on my own (or so she said) including Donovan with my neighbour “Ronnie”, and Rod Stewart and the Faces when they were touring in support of “Every Picture Tells a Story”.

So thanks Mom. In no small way the daily pleasure I get from listening to and playing music can be traced back in a straight line to you.  I am not quite sure you will approve of all my Top Five Songs for Mothers’ Day but I am guessing you may find favour with the Paul Simon, and Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris numbers.

1. Mother and Child Reunion-Paul Simon

This is so obvious a choice as to almost be cliche. This doesn’t detract one bit from its gem status.  No surprise that this reggae number was recorded in Jamaica with Jimmy Cliff’s backup band.

2. Mother-John Lennon

This is the angst laden John Lennon at musical genius best.  Recorded in 1970 while John (and Yoko) were in primal therapy, it was produced by John, Yoko and Phil Spector.  More about Phil Spector in some other list.

3. Mama Tried-Merle Haggard

Although not strictly autobiographical, this song  is Merle’s apology to his Mom for being incarcerated in San Quentin.  Huge hit when it was released in 1968, it became almost a signature song for one of music’s true outlaws.

4. Future Baby Mama-Prince

I know, this is sort of the odd one out.  But it is about a mother, and I really do like Prince.  So it made the cut.

5. The Sweetest Gift-Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris

Despite a little digging I have no idea how this pairing came to be, although I did determine the song was released in 1975 and was the “B” side to “Tracks of My Tears”. Touching version of this oldie with two of the finest voices ever singing it.