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Posted: April 19, 2012 in Levon Helm, The Band
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As you have no doubt heard elsewhere, Levon Helm has died after a long battle with cancer.  I thought about doing a Top Five list, but it struck me that to list the Top  Five of anything Levon would diminish him.  One good clip is better.

I saw Levon perform twice, once in London, England in 1974 with The Band and again two years ago with his own band in Vancouver, BC.  It occurs to me that the first occasion was roughly two years before The Band famously played their last concert styled as “The Last Waltz” and that the second occasion was two years before his death.  I am grateful to have seen the bookends of his storied, and influential career.  I will regret to my grave not having attended a “Midnight Ramble” at Levon’s barn in Woodstock but will forever live it vicariously through my friend Evie.

What a fine passage he had.

  1. earthboy011 says:

    Good choice. The Weight was one of the best songs of the sixties.Levon Helm makes a guest appearance in Paul Quarrington’s memoir : Cigar Box Banjo–Notes on Music and Life. You may know Paul Quarrington as the award-winning author of Whale Music. What I didn’t know was that he was a songwriter and played in a band with a group of friends. When he was diagnosed with terminal cancer Paul realized that the one thing he really wanted to do with his life was pursue his music with more passion. So he took his band on the road. along the way they end up at Levon Helm’s place.

  2. topfivevinyl says:

    The seminal piece on what “The Weight” is all about is probably Peter Viney’s. Here is a link:


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